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Partnership Proposal

A Step-by-Step Plan To Grow Your Customer Base Over The Next 6 Months

Matthew Bennett
12th July 2017

Hi Brian,

Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal.

If we have already been introduced, my name is Matthew Bennett, and I'm a results consultant for ​Power SEO.

This proposal document was designed to...

1. Explain our main objective from working together over the next 6 months
2. Give you insight into the work being carried out and the thought process behind it all
3. Show you an accurate timeline of the work we will implement
4. Inform you of the investment required to begin this project

Let's get started...


Our primary focus for this project is to increase the number of sales from your website. To do this, the project will be split into 3 categories.

On Site SEO

This involves letting search engines know exactly what your website is about.

8% of project


The most important part of the process and vital for ranking higher in search engines. This involves building links to your website.

75% of project


If you successfully have on-site optimisation and backlinks, you will have visitors on your website. Conversion is about making it easy for those visitors to become leads e.g. calls or online appointments.

17% of project

We have this method down to a science. You may have also noticed that 83% of our strategy involves search engine optimisation, or 'SEO' as we will refer to it throughout this proposal.